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01m FAQ is a work in progress more to be added later

How to change filter on 01M

How to remove valve body on 01M


How to remove 01m trans


01M Torque converter installed depth


01M failure analysis1


How do I reset adapts?


After certain types of repairs like transmission replacement, or undoing a overzealous "kerma mod", or TCM replacement it is necessary to reset adapts on your Vw's trans.


Use vag-com or other full function OEM compatable scan tool. This shows how to reset adapts using Vag-com (VCDS).


First start the software and go into Auto trans section. 


Then click on "adaptation"...



Make sure channell reads "00".  If not enter it in there.  Then click "read"....




The fields at the top will then change to "Note:  Save channel 00 resets all Factory adapts".   Click save and adaptives will be reset.




Should I change my fluid? 


Yes.  Vw calls the fluid “lifetime fill” which is baloney.


Do you recommend a source for the filter and gasket?     


I can provide the filter and gasket


Which oil would be best?


It’s politically incorrect and opens up a whole bag of worms when you ask if it’s ok to use a different fluid.  For liability reasons I cannot tell you to use anything but the OEM fluid.  I can get sued for that and would loose in court every time.  


I run Mobile 1 multi vehicle in my own car.  And I have several customers that have used Peak multi vehicle in their car, and they report good success.  Also some folks on the internet have reported good success with Valvoline Max life Multi vehicle fluid. 


Of course G052-162-A2 is the correct fluid as required by the OEM, and for best results you should use that.    You can get an equivalent Pentosin or FEBI/Bilstein brand, usually mail order, but it’s expensive also and after paying for shipping it may be best just to buy at your local dealer.   Use any other fluid at your own risk.



Should I do a flush?  Will a flush cause my trans to fail?   


Yes. You should do a flush.  No one changes it since it’s “lifetime fill”, so it always looks bad.  A flush will help clean it up.   No, a flush will not cause your trans to fail.  This is baloney and I get real tired of hearing this “urban myth” repeated.


How do I do a flush? 


You would need to remove the cooler and hook special fittings with hoses on them to allow the Trans pump to push the fluid out, while you maintain the Trans full.   Most people don’t want to buy the fittings so they just do a “drain and refill” again a couple days later. 


How many quarts / liters do I need?


Fluid and filter change takes 4.  I would have 1 or 2 extra on hand for valve body removal, because removing the valve body will allow “trapped” fluid out, and if the pan is off for long the torque converter will “drain” out a certain (unpredictable) amount.  For the flush I use 9.


Should I graph the TCC with vag-com?


Graphing is for your peace of mind.  Do it if you want to.  This is the only way to verify your surge is a TCC problem and not an engine problem.  You must scan the TCM with vag-com to confirm you are triggering no transmission trouble codes.


Should I do the Kerma Mod? 


I’ve driven a few cars with the Kerma mod done with the adjustment rammed all the way in, and they drove terribly!  Clunking and banging on up shifts and downshifts.  I’ve also read of transmissions that had this mod running hotter.  This happens because the higher pressures tend to move the pressure regulator valve farther into the bore which tends to cut off torque converter charge, which is the same oil as cooler flow. 


But, this mod seems to be necessary on cars that have performance upgrades, but there has to be some control.  I recommend 4 clicks.  This raises line pressure from about 55 to about 70.  Do not ram the adjustment all the way in. 


I can undo the mod and adjust it 4 clicks.  Your car may flare on shifts after undoing the Kerma mod, until the computer relearns.  Resetting adapts with vag-com may speed this process. 




01m sensor locations


G68  Output speed sensor.  It’s under the Left Side transmission mount.  The bolts in that mount are stretch bolts so buy some new ones to replace them when you take them out.  Notice that it unplugs over by the solenoid connector so most “checks” would be made over there.


G38 Sun gear speed sensor.  It may be called input speed sensor, but that’s not really its function.


G22 Vehicle speed sensor.  It’s used for cruise control and speedometer, but not for trans functions.


F125 Multifunction Range sensor.  This provides input to the TCM to let it know what position you’ve placed the shifter.  It also provides reverse lights and starting only in neutral and park. 




01m & 096 Letter code locations


A replacement trans must have the same ratio’s as the original trans or the TCM will see the ratio difference and trigger a trouble code.  If the TCM sees a wrong ratio it assumes the trans is slipping.  You must verify the ratio’s are the same by the letter code.   See the picture above and below for letter code locations.





But what if you bought the car and the DAPO (dumb ass previous owner) put a trans in there and you don’t know if it’s the right one? Well then you’ll need to look at the label that is under the spare tire cover on later cars or under the back seat on earlier cars.   Notice that in both the pic above and the pic below both trans codes are CLK. 





Here’s where the sticker is on later cars.  Sometimes you’ll just find it lying in there. 




01M solenoid connector Pinout





01m solenoid function & application chart





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